The Paradise Gardens have been a hidden gem amongst jungle explorers for centuries - a pilgrimage to gather once a year and bear witness to mysterious beautiful music as it trickles across the great lake and brings the summer sun down perfectly. This year at DSCNNCT, we visit the garden… Some of our favourite DJ’s in house music, new & old - all curated by the Case Vida family from St Ives and the founders of DSCNNCT.


‘Deep In The Jungle, Where Nobody Goes…’ is a badboy rig and the finest selection of DNB/Jungle brought to you by DSCNNCT originators - Lovely Drop and one of Nottingham’s finest crews - Submerged. Expect a full 12 hours of jungle themed rave insanity as we put on one of the most exciting DNB line-ups the Shire has seen in a long time.


Far beyond sight of the inhabited parts of the jungle, you can find the ruins of an old Aztec temple. For the most part it is nothing but ruin, but once a year the temple comes to life with disco fever and can be heard through the trees for miles. When the funky pulse of the temple gets going, you cant help but be drawn to the boom. Alongside Viva Paradisco - we bring massive headliners, some new faces in Disco and local legends from Cambs.


The Mangrove is a place for wildlife to flourish and for all the inhabitants of the jungle to be brought together and party in a different environment to what they’re used to. Whether you are a fan of dance music, live music or hip-hop - this stage is bringing some of the most lively bands & MC’s together from across the musical spectrum for one full day of genre-switching madness - all courtesy of Cambridge based record label, Sabotage Audio.